An easy way to know your team better

Beyond project status and deadlines, it is important to connect with your direct reports, know them as a person, connect to their story. When you know something is happening in their life outside of work, talk about it rather than sidestepping it. Let them know that you care. 

Delegation 101 – Use these tips to start delegating

Delegation in simple terms is getting stuff done through others. The fundamental concept in delegation is Who will do What by When

What – make it clear what is expected to be delivered 

When – make it clear by when they need to deliver it. Set a clear deadline.

In addition to “what” and “when”, “why” is also important. Explain to them why this task is important and how it connects to the larger picture.

In the end, when they deliver it, review the work, and provide feedback. Failing to review the work in a timely manner sends a signal that the deadline was artificial.