Fueling Growth and Recognition with Quick Feedback

Aug 22, 2023 by manish

I have seen new managers make this mistake all the time.

When you have a direct report who needs to receive constructive feedback immediately, don’t wait for the next 1-1.

Longer you wait, harder it will be to deliver the feedback. Same is true for positive feedback.

I have had two types of managers in my career.

Ones who provided timely feedback immediately and ones who provided feedback when I asked for it.

It was hard in the moment to hear constructive feedback right after the meeting or presentation. But when I look back that’s when I grew the most.

When manager waits too long to acknowledge a job well done, the impact of our praise might diminish.

Similarly, constructive feedback can lose its effectiveness if it’s given too late.

It is ok to have a quick conversation outside of a formal meeting and share the feedback while it’s fresh.