Why Am I Not Getting Promoted?

Dec 8, 2023 by manish

Promotion is always a “top of mind” topic when you talk about career growth. Why some folks find it hard to get promoted at work?

Nikhyl Singhal boils it down to four reasons.

1. You need someone to believe in you

↳ “You need someone to see the magic in you to be promoted”

↳ It’s super important to have a manager or a team who sees how awesome you are.

↳ If they don’t, you might need to change things. Find a different project, team or even a new manager.

2. Sometimes, the job you want doesn’t exist

↳ There are times when the job you’re aiming for just isn’t there.

↳ This isn’t your fault; it’s just how things are at your company.

↳ You are still being held back but it is very different than “you are not there yet”

3. Be Patient

↳ If you’re doing really well, you might want to move up fast.

↳ But sometimes, you have to wait a bit longer, especially for big roles.

4. Work on Yourself

↳ Unfortunately, this is the most common one.

↳ There is a development area but the individual doesn’t see it.

↳ Maybe manager is not doing a great job of identifying it.


I recently listened to Nikhyl Singhal’s interview on Lenny’s Podcast and this piece on promotions resonated with me a lot.