Who’s in Charge? Remembering It’s You Who Steers Your Engineering Career

Sep 25, 2023 by manish

Many software engineers are under the wrong impression that their career growth is their manager’s responsibility.

It is important to remember that “you own your career growth, not your manager”

Things to keep in mind:

🌱 Your career growth is primarily your responsibility.

⛏️ Understand how promotions work within your company.

❓ Ask questions in 1-1s about the steps you need to take for career advancement.

🎯 Work on what matters. Choose projects that align with your team’s objectives.

📣 Proactively gather feedback. Don’t solely rely on your manager to do this.

🗺️ Create a plan in collaboration with your manager, but don’t forget—you’re in the driver’s seat!

🗣️ Have an open conversation that you want to get to the next level by a specific timeline