The Power of Small Teams: Finding Fulfillment Beyond Organizational Growth

Aug 22, 2023 by manish

For a first-time manager leading a small team, it’s natural to dream of managing a larger team, leading multiple teams, and climbing the management ladder. But here’s the thing…

When you’re too focused on team and org size, you might overlook the incredible impact your current small team can make. 🚀

I learned this the hard way. As I moved up the ladder, I realized that the most interesting and impactful work happens within small, driven teams. Front-line managers get a front-row seat to that ride. 🎢

And the satisfaction of seeing your team solve a difficult technical problem or deliver customer value in record time is unparalleled. It’s a different level of fulfillment compared to just hiring more people, creating multiple teams and hoping they’ll deliver. 🙌

Once you’re one level removed from the ground work, you lose that sense of satisfaction. So before you become obsessed with a group manager or senior manager role, think twice. 🤔

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the joy of working closely with your team, witnessing firsthand the impact they create. 💪