The Connection Between Running and Idea Generation

Aug 22, 2023 by manish

🏃‍♂️ There is something about going out on a run and getting creative ideas during exercise.

🪄 This doesn’t happen to me that often if I run on the treadmill. But there is some unique energy I experience from running outside. It stimulates my brain in a way that I come up with solutions to the problems I have been struggling with or think of a topic to write about on LinkedIn.

📝 I usually write down topics that come to my mind in the notes app but many times I don’t get time to write a LinkedIn post. It just takes time for me to write a good LinkedIn post. It’s different than some of the other social networks.

⏰ One of the problems that keep people from posting on LinkedIn is – they have ideas and thoughts but they don’t have time to craft a perfect post.

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