“Shipping fast” vs “Shipping fast with engineering craftsmanship”

Oct 25, 2023 by manish

Building fast or building right? Most likely, the eternal debate of every engineering founder in an early-stage startup… 💭

As a technical founder, I’ve experienced two types of satisfaction:

🚀 The thrill of creating a quick, scrappy prototype that users love.
🏗️ The contentment that follows shipping an improved, refined version of the prototype.

You would be surprised by the kind of joy that comes from rebuilding and refining.

Yes, it’s a struggle to balance speed with craftsmanship. But at the end of the day, accumulating tech debt is a choice.

Getting it right matters. Whether you’re hustling in a startup or working on the next big innovation, don’t forget that quality precedes quantity.

“Shipping fast” gets the job done, but “Shipping fast with engineering craftsmanship” is what keeps us engineers truly engaged.