Re-orgs: Not Just Change, but an Opportunity for Growth

Oct 10, 2023 by manish

In my career, I’ve been part of many re-orgs. Some proved fruitful, some……not quite.

For anybody in a leadership position, change is part of the job, and so is surprise.

Here’s what I’ve learned (in some cases hard way) –

💡 Re-orgs are opportunities for maturity testing
💡 Keep calm and embrace change
💡 React with patience

Sometimes, decisions might seem illogical, especially in multi-team forums. That’s okay.

We don’t always have the full story or understanding of the wider organizational priorities.

If you don’t understand why, ask questions. Probe. Discuss.

Don’t resort to frustration or anger. It’s not about the final decision, it’s about open dialogue.

In my experience, acting in good faith is key. Trust that no one wants to play the villain.

So, the next time re-org hits, remember, the reaction is your own.

Take the opportunity to display maturity. If needed, disagree and commit.

I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts on handling organizational changes. How do you stay resilient and adaptable?