Navigating Unstructured Time: Productivity and Time Management

Aug 21, 2023 by manish

🚧 Going from structured routine to unstructured is hard! 💼

🏠 As I moved from full-time job to working on something on my own I realized it is not easy to manage my time and stay productive when there is no structure to my day. 🤯

🤔 First few weeks, without a clear plan, I ended up working on things that interested me but had trouble finishing them. I realized that bringing structure to my unstructured day was harder than I thought. Dealing with a day full of meetings is in some ways easier! 🗓️

🎯 I have started setting one single goal every morning and focusing on accomplishing that. Anything in addition that I accomplished is a bonus. This seems to help so far. 🏆

💡 I would love to hear about any techniques or frameworks that have helped you manage your time and stay productive when dealing with an unstructured schedule. 🕰️