Leveling Up as a Junior Engineer

Dec 8, 2023 by manish

Many times software engineers ignore these three easy ways of leveling up in your team.

🧐 Start observing staff+ role models
Look around for teammates who excel and are considered role models. Check out how they work, how they talk, and the way they solve problems.  That’s the easiest way to learn what kind of behavior is rewarded in your company culture.

🗣️ Ask if you can shadow them
Don’t hesitate to ask if you can shadow these high performers during meetings or cross-functional conversations. You’ll grasp firsthand how successful conversations are steered.

🎭 Emulate Rewarding Behaviors
Jot down your observations and start mirroring those behaviors in your own way. Add your own flavor to make it unique.

Don’t just work hard, work smart! Leveling up is not only about hard work but also about adapting and learning from the ecosystem around you.