Introducing Elevate Your LinkedIn Presence with AI-Powered Personal Branding!

Aug 22, 2023 by manish

It’s been two months since I left Asana and have been exploring a few ideas to build something on my own.

After talking to many folks and validating the problem, I’m excited to share the problem I’ve decided to solve that I personally experienced while I was trying to grow my network.

📣 Introducing – – Your Personal Branding AI Assistant!

💼 Many of us understand the importance of building a personal brand on LinkedIn and how this platform has become the primary channel for generating new sales and career opportunities.

However, despite LinkedIn boasting over 900 million members, only a tiny fraction of these individuals actively engage with content, and an even smaller percentage create their own. 🧐

Amplifeed aims to change that.

It’s an AI assistant that helps professionals to amplify their voice on LinkedIn.

It will help you in these 3 core areas:

1️⃣ Generate LinkedIn posts with the help of AI
2️⃣ Promote your LinkedIn posts with the help of your coworkers
3️⃣ Discover content from your coworkers to engage with

Now you might be wondering – why can’t I just use these new “AI content generator” apps? How is Amplifeed different from others?

The first key difference is – Amplifeed will help you generate content where you work – Slack. 😇

Secondly, Amplifeed not only will help you “generate” the content, but it will actually close the loop by “amplifying” and “promoting” your content. 📣

In upcoming posts, I will talk about each of the problems and the solution approach I’m taking to solve them.

I’m learning to build in public, and looking forward to sharing my journey and lessons with you all.

If you’re interested in amplifying your personal brand on LinkedIn, then sign up for an early access invite list on our website (link in the comment).