Integrating Refactoring into Your Coding Routine

Nov 29, 2023 by manish

ā€œIā€™m opposed to setting aside time for refactoring. In my view refactoring is not an activity you set aside time to do. Refactoring is something you do all the time in little bursts.ā€ – Martin Fowler

This quote really resonated with me given I spend most of my day writing code.

I’ve seen how easy it is to push refactoring to the backburner. šŸ”„ Every time I add a ‘refactor later’ ticket, two things happen–

Either I forget about it or, when I do remember, it’s a massive task, because I have to recollect and load up all the context.

If we embed refactoring in our feature-building process it can significantly reduce tech debt.