Sometimes being a technical founder feels like you’re stuck inside your own coding bubble.

Many times I am so focused on figuring out the next big tool or line of code, that the simple, but important tasks like talking to users or learning how to sell feels like a distraction.

I’ll confess, my big company background left me stuck in ‘scale mode’. I was so used to careful roll-outs and retaining customers that it’s been a hurdle to realize not all of this applies in a startup’s early days.

It’s easy to remember that famous YC advice ‘Do things that don’t scale’, but it’s much harder to put these words into action and I’m experiencing this first hand.

So, I’m reprogramming my mindset, pushing myself to get out there and reach the customers. Surely, there’s a learning curve to this. I need to learn the skills beyond “coding”: cold outreach, user engagement, and learning the art of selling. 🎯

Here are my takeaways:

🗼 Building for scale from day one? Not always the answer.
🧑‍💻 Coding solitarily all day? Also, not the solution.
📞 Pivoting to a customer-centric approach? Absolutely necessary.

Watching “How to Get Your First Customers” video (link in the comment) was a good reminder for me to shift focus.

If you’ve walked this path, I’d love to hear your story and tips.