Embracing Strengths and Overcoming Perfectionism

Aug 22, 2023 by manish

When it comes to performance review conversations, I’ve noticed a pattern.

When manager shares the review write-up, they cover positive feedback on areas where you created impact and performed well. They also cover critical feedback on things you can do better.

However, folks who are focused on career growth tend to overlook the good feedback and over focus on the critical/constructive feedback.

They start thinking about how to improve, why did I make that mistake, I know better than that.

Those thoughts start creating mental stress and take the focus away from the wins that you should be celebrating.

Many times, we tend to beat ourselves up too much for small missteps in our career journey.

Minor or small mistakes drag us down, and we tend to forget how far we have come.

At one point in my career, I received advice from my mentor that changed my perspective on this.

After one point in your career, you are better off doubling down on your strengths.

Don’t ignore weaknesses and critical feedback, but hitting a minimum bar on your weaknesses and doubling down on your strengths will give you better returns in your career growth.

So, know your strengths, and find a role that can leverage those strengths. That might be the fastest way to grow rather than perfecting every little thing from feedback.

It’s time to give yourself credit for how far you’ve come and focus on what you do best.

So think — What’s one strength you have that you can double down on today?