Discovering What My Team Truly Feels

Sep 25, 2023 by manish

There was a time when I thought I was being the ‘ideal’ manager.

After all, I was providing directions, giving feedback, making decisions, everything by the book. Until one day a junior team member built up the courage to share that my approach was not fostering creativity.

That feedback was a real eye-opener!

More often than you might assume, managers are unaware of what their people really feel about their leadership.

In my time as a manager, I’ve come to realize: sometimes, I’m the last person to know how my team genuinely feels about my leadership.

This isn’t about trust or transparency but a natural human tendency. People can be introvert, hesitant to share, or just waiting for the right moment.

You need to build deeper bonds with a few members who aren’t afraid to be candid.

As a manager, you need a few folks in your staff who can provide you candid feedback, challenge you, and uncover the blind spots for you.