Bring problems to your manager BUT with a point of view

Feb 3, 2022 by manish

😣 When you are struggling with a problem at work, a quick thought process is to bring it up in 1-1 with your manager 

💬 While you want to share your struggles and challenges with your manager, you need to be able to share your thinking and your point of view

👥 If you can articulate your thinking well, your manager can ask you questions and partner with you to find a possible solution

😭 If you just bring problems you are hurting your credibility. You might come across as a complainer.

🤔 If you are not able to answer follow up questions, you might come across as overwhelmed and confused

🚀 So next time you want to take a problem to your manager, think how you want to articulate it and go into the meeting with a point of view